Annigoni Biography

Life and Times

* Pietro Annigoni born on June 7, 1910 in Milan, Italy.

* As a child he shows early promise in drawing. His father said, "You will become a great artist."

* 1925 - Family moves to Florence.

* 1927 - Enrols in the Accademia de Bella Arti.

* Annigoni's first love was art. In those days he was a "young man mad about drawing."

* 1932 - First one man show of paintings and drawings at the Palazzo Ferroni, Florence

* 1934 - Sold out show in Galleria Botti - portraits of prominent Florentines.

* 1937 - Starts first major fresco - Convent of San Marco, Florence - "Desent from the Cross" and "Death of Abel."

* Travels extensively throughout Italy and Europe.

* 1945 - Commissioned by the British Fine Arts Office to sketch the destruction of Florence.

* 1949 - Exhibits numerous self portaits in London at the Royal Academy where his work causes a stir among artists and art lovers.

* Mid 50's - Starts commissions from notable society figures: Lord Moran; Juliana Forbes; The Duchess of Devonshire.

* 1956 - Commissioned to paint what became Annigoni's most famous portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

* Receives an enormous amount of publicity worldwide. The portrait and Annigoni achieve tremendous fame.

* The portrait exploited on commonwealth currency and postage stamps around the world.

* Annigoni becomes world famous. He travels around the world.

* Paints the rich and famous - Margot Fonteyn; Princess Elena Corsini; Princess Margaret; Prince Philip; The Queen Mother; The Maharanee of Jaipur; John F. Kennedy; Pope John XXIII. etc.

* He uses his new found wealth to pursue his first love frescoes. He paints monumental religious narratives at:
Cathedral of San Antonio in Padua
San Michele Arcangelo in Ponte Buggianese
San Marco in Florence
San Martino in Castagno.

* Annigoni's work hangs in:
The Vatican, Rome
The Uffizi Gallery, Florence
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
The National Portrait Gallery, London.

* Annigoni dies in Florence in 1988.

* 1992 Annigoni is given a state funeral and is interned to his final resting place in San Miniato overlooking his beloved Florence.

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