The Lost Fresco

While filming at the Cathedral of San Antonio, a curious old workman approached us. He wanted to know what we were doing.

"We're filming Pietro Annigoni's final fresco," said Duilio. "This is not Annigoni's last fresco," he replied. Picking up on our stunned looks, he promptly added, "Follow me."

He took us on a journey through a maze of back hallways and staircases, until we entered an abanoned room littered with construction material. Scaffolds and broken bricks were everwhere. The room under extensive renovation had not been used for over a hundred years. Ezechiela Galiasso, the old workman, pointed to a huge canvas covering a massive endwall.

Galiasso said, "Underneath this canvas is the last fresco of Pietro Annigoni," adding that no one has ever seen the completed fresco as it was quickly covered on completion! Our hearts raced on finding this undiscovered Annigoni. Not even Annigoni's secretary or his estate or his recent biographer had known about the painting. The only one who knew it seems was Ezechiela Galiasso who it turns out was Annigoni's plasterer.

This crucifix is unveiled in the film for the very first time.

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