Streaming Media & DVD

Streaming Video & DVDs
Video streaming, DVDs and photography are one the most effective ways to promote your destination, products and services. produces original high quality content to showcase your product in a dramatic, exciting and informative way.

Streaming Video makes your website exciting and alive!

Streaming video is exploding in popularity and many travel and tourism websites are embracing the new technology to promote their destinations and tour companies with video clips, short films, trailers etc...

Streaming clips are a low cost high impact way to showcase your destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your message plays to a captivated audience in search of information, so it's a unique opportunity to dazzle them.

We provide all you need from script to screen!

- Scriptwriting, shooting, editing and duplication
- Encoding services for website
- Transfer of video clips and still images to CD-ROM & DVD


- Virtual Tour: Showcase your destination
- Testimonials of satisfied customers
- Sales, marketing and promotion
- Exhibition videos/DVDs

Always on time and on budget!

Our exceptional production team has been working together for many years on a variety of film and video projects. We quickly and affordably execute the creative idea, write the script, and shoot the story. We edit the program and present you with the finished DVD/video or streaming clip.

Streaming Video sets you apart from the competition!

Realplayer reports 86 percent of website visitors stay to listen to and/or watch a streaming media presentation.

In a study by VPoll Surveys, marketing with video media was shown to produce response rates of up to 60 percent, compared to just 0.1 percent for print media.

To learn more about our services contact 416-207-0891 or

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