Fast Track

Photo of Cienfuegos by Stephen Smith

Cuba – When I told a waitress at the Iberostar, one of Varadero’s top 5-star hotels that the delicious food in their restaurant was getting me fat, the waitress grinned as she poured more wine into our glasses, and in perfect English said: “Don’t worry! Tourists come to Cuba to enjoy themselves. No one gets fat in the short time they stay in our country. As you Canadians say, ‘Eat, drink and be merry!” She has a point, I thought to myself as I enjoyed another morsel of chicken, cooked Cuban style.

That night, with the taste of our fine dinner and the smiling waitress still vivid, I dreamt of romping on the beach, part of Varadero’s 20 kilometres of sugary white sand. I had once walked it’s entire length over 40 years ago. After spending two days enjoying Varadero’s aura and fine food, our group of 18 leave for Havana, the nation’s capital.

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