Quebec City

Lovin’ La Belle Ville

Special to Homefront Magazine: Winter 2006

Quebec City

photography: Stephen Smith

Quebec City – The charm of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is world-renowned. For years, highbrowed diplomats, movie stars and millionaire tycoons arrived to its historic hilltop for a birds’ eye view of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. Queen Elizabeth II graced the palatial Chateau Frontenac in 1959 with her husband, Prince Philip. Ten years later, Princess Grace of Monaco opened the Queen’s Ball when she waltzed with the Winter Carnival president in the lavish ballroom.

But these days, North America’s oldest walled city is making big headways among the ultra chic crowd. A handful of boutique hotels are popping up in the most picturesque places, making it a perfect spot for canoodling couples to cuddle and purr “L’Amour.”

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